Prof. Kevin Colton

Danzan Ryu Jujitsu is a traditional system introduced to the west in 1923 Hawaii by Professor Seishiro Okazaki.

Danzan Ryu (Hawaiian islands system) is the largest traditional Jujitsu system taught in the U.S. This system was developed for combat and self defense as well as perfection of personal character.

Professor Kevin Colton is a Rokudan, 6th degree Black Belt with over 45 years of teaching and training experience. Certified by the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation, Pacific Jujitsu Alliance and the Kilohana Martial arts Association.

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• Adult/Open Classes
• Kids Classes
• Jujitsu for disabled citizens
• Law Enforcement Control Tactics
• Japanese Restorative Bodywork (by appointment)

Santa Clarita Valley Jujitsu is a safe, insured academy providing instruction to hundreds of valley residents since 1993.

The community of schools and students that practice the Danzan Arts believe in giving, caring and helping all those who take up the training. It is one of the most respectful and safe martial arts communities in the nation.