Our Black Belts

Meet Our Black Belts

Martial Arts Instruction in Valencia & throughout the Santa Clarita Valley

At Santa Clarita Valley School of Jujitsu, we have many students who have earned their black belts and continue their study with us. After all, reaching black belt is a great achievement, but it is only the beginning!

Kevin Colton
Rokudan, 6th Degree

Kevin began practicing jujitsu at just 10 years old at the Pacific Palisades YMCA under then-sensei Joe Burlin. In addition to his studies in jujitsu, Kevin is also a skilled and practiced in the healing arts, and provides restorative massage services out of the dojo. He is proud to have promoted 51 students to the rank of Shodan (first-degree black belt). “The greatest thing about jujitsu is the people. If you stay in it, you will have friends for life.”

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Kerry Sego
Godan, 5th Degree

Kerry began with the dojo in 2000, after her children had been training for 4 years. In addition to her extensive training as a practitioner, she is also a California Massage Therapy Council certified Massage Practitioner (#21035) and a graduate of the Danzan Ryu Seifukujitsu Institute. She believes strongly in the value of jujitsu as a vehicle for self-growth. “Knowing martial arts techniques will give you confidence in your everyday life.”

Glenn Deitsch
Yodan, 4th Degree

Glenn began practicing jujitsu at age 36, just a few years after Santa Clarita Valley School of Jujitsu opened its doors, and has been actively training ever since. He finds teaching others to be a rewarding experience, as are the friends of 20 years he has made along the way - these are the things that keep him coming back. “There is so much to learn in jujitsu, it’s endless. As good as you can get, you know you can be so much better.”

AKA Jared Kincaid
Xander Dearborn
Nidan, 2nd Degree

Xander has been with Santa Clarita Valley School of Jujitsu since 2011 but began practicing jujitsu when he was just 6 years old. In the years since, he has also dedicated his time to studying kickboxing, Kenpo, Capoeira, and Iaido. He is passionate about the pursuit of knowledge, within the realm of martial arts and without, and finds value in the balance of self-confidence and humility that can be found in the study.

Chris Weaver
Nidan, 2nd Degree

Chris began studying Danzan Ryu with Santa Clarita Valley School of Jujitsu in 1997. He feels that all students can benefit from the confidence and discipline that a martial art can instill, a physical activity that can help individuals to be a better person. The sense of family at our school is what keeps him coming back, with all members willing to help in and out of the dojo. “You won’t find a dojo with a tighter knit family than ours.”

Ed Hoeffliger
Sandan, 3rd Degree

Ed joined the dojo after returning from deployment in Iraq in 2005. The challenges he brought with him from deployment were significant, and he credits Kevin and his fellow students for helping him to find healing he wasn’t able to achieve elsewhere. The spirit of the dojo, he says, is built by people who will make you better than when you came in. “You see, you cannot become successful in jujitsu alone. You need another person to walk with you.”

Mary Angelino
Nidan, 2nd Degree

Mary was 15 when she first started pursuing jujitsu. She started because, as a woman, she felt it important to learn self-defense. As her study has progressed, she feels that she benefits from being more “in the moment,” connecting mind and body in a way that is constantly evolving. The process of learning and discovery is a rewarding one. “Jujitsu gives me confidence and discipline that I take into other parts of my life.”

Tara Campese
Shodan, 1st Degree

Tara began her study at the age of 14 when she came in and watched her friend, Mary, do throws. When she said that she could never do that, Kevin wanted to prove her wrong - and he did. With years of hard work, she was able to move beyond the balance issues that resulted from a birth defect and earn her black belt. “I am a different person because I do jujitsu. It boosts my confidence and it has taught me to never say can't.”